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The Solution to Chronic Disease Medication Expenses: ECMP

Pharma Strategies Presents: ECMP - Enhanced Care Management Program

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Addressing the Burden of Chronic Disease

Transforming Patient Care and Reducing Pharmacy Expenses for Self-Insured Plans

With the increasing costs in healthcare, many patients struggling with chronic diseases are burdened with the cost of medication. Introducing the Enhanced Care Management Program (ECMP) by Pharma Strategies. ECMP is a comprehensive, chronic care support program designed to enhance patient care and significantly reduce pharmacy expenses for self-insured plan sponsors.


The Rising Tide of Healthcare Costs

The Imperative Need for Innovative Solutions in Chronic Disease Management

Healthcare costs, specifically specialty drug expenses, are skyrocketing. It’s no surprise that individuals managing chronic conditions represent 50% to 75% of total healthcare expenditures for most employers. With 60% of Americans living with a chronic illness and the rising costs of specialty drugs, we need an innovative solution to manage this growing concern.

Our Specialty Medication Savings Program for Self-Insured Health Plans

Guaranteed Cost Savings with Improved Patient Outcomes

The ECMP is designed to seamlessly integrate with most self-funded insured plans. This means no changes to your current health plan, doctors, or medication, just savings and improved healthcare management.

The ECMP offers:

  • Guaranteed cost savings on approved specialty medication prescriptions
  • Minimal disruption for patients
  • Annual telehealth visits for improved care coordination
  • No changes to prescribed medication(s)
  • No cost to participate
  • No physician changes

How It Works

The ECMP program leverages community health networks (FQHCs) and their drug purchasing discounts to provide lower specialty pharmacy expenses and improved medical outcomes. ECMP integrates with your existing self-insured arrangements without any financial or administrative impact.

Additionally, it offers guaranteed 20% savings on existing prescriptions, enhancing cost-effectiveness for employers and patients.


Experience the Difference: Testimonials from ECMP Strategic Partners

Real Savings and Improved Care for Self-Funded Clients

“Since partnering with Pharma Strategies, our self-funded clients have been able to realize millions in total savings on their Specialty drug spend in four short years. Thank you, ECMP.” 

– Pharma Strategies/ ECMP Strategic Partner

“Amidst the conversations to carve out specialty in order to save plan cost for self-funded groups, ECMP is a strong solution to continue to cover specialty drugs while realizing huge savings year over year for clients and members!”

– Pharma Strategies/ ECMP Strategic Partner

With ECMP, we put patients first, providing improved outcomes while significantly lowering costs. Learn more about how ECMP can benefit you and your organization today.