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Stop putting off your health

Like most of us, we wait until something feels wrong before going to a doctor. If we are lucky enough to have health insurance, finding a local doctor who takes your insurance and accepts new patients is almost like mining for gold. Navigating healthcare today is expensive, time-consuming, and over-complicated. Healthyr is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be.


    Create your Healthyr account and then register your test kit to start your health journey.

  • TEST

    Follow instructions for proper blood sample collection.

  • MAIL

    Mail back your completed test in the prepaid USPS envelope provided.


    Once the lab receives your test, your results will be ready within 72 hours.

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Make informed healthcare decisions

Once our lab runs your tests - the results come back to you. Whether you want to just track your health, make a virtual doctor appointment, or fill a prescription - we will be there with you every step of the way! We provide you with the insights and any necessary assistance you need to make your own informed healthcare decisions. Removing all of the hassles and giving you all the tools to Be Healthyr.

Get Healthyr

  • Get an online visit

    Share your results with a doctor today through our incredible telehealth partner Sesame.

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  • Mail Order Pharmacy

    Gain access to our low cost Digital Pharmacy Marketplace with prescription delivery right to your door.

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  • Prescription Savings

    Don't break the bank on medications. Explore affordable options with Cuverd.


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  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Build healthy habits with Blossom™ —a digital, self-guided program to manage your diabetes and overall health.

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