Healthyr Partners With Auria, First At-Home Breast Health Assessment To Empower Women and Encourage Early Cancer Detection

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Healthyr, a leading provider of digital health and wellness solutions is taking another major step in reinventing healthcare, with the debut of its partnership with Auria, the first at-home breast health assessment powered by tears. The Auria test is now available on the Healthyr website for purchase (starting at $159). The Auria test was created by Namida Lab, a CLIA Certified High Complexity Clinical Lab and Research & Development Lab working together to develop and validate tools for accurate and accessible cancer screening.

1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Currently, only women over 40 are eligible for yearly screenings, yet 50% of those women are not participating in the recommended screenings. Healthyr has partnered with Auria to address these challenges and offer a seamless solution for breast cancer screenings, providing women with real-time results and personalized clinical consultations.

“We are excited to expand our platform of affordable, accessible solutions for women with the launch of Auria. It is setting new standards in breast cancer screening, and we want to be part of this revolution,” said Stacey Finster, CEO of Healthyr. “With this partnership, we hope to elevate breast cancer screening rates, make a positive impact on women’s health, and help them take charge of their breast health journey from the comfort of their home.”

Auria is a non-invasive, convenient five-minute at-home test, with no doctor’s appointment, lab visit, or insurance required. The all-breast-inclusive test uses biomarkers in tears to catch any breast abnormalities. Once the test is complete, patients will receive physician-certified results along with clinical consultations available through the Healthyr account portal.

“We can advance breast health intelligence with convenient and accessible breast cancer screening. Thanks to our partnership with Healthyr, we will be able to offer Auria with end-to-end health services to millions of women. Our goal is to increase early-stage breast cancer detection, reduce cancer spend, and improve breast health outcomes for all women,” said Omid Moghadam, Founder and CEO of Namida.

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