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[Louisville, KY] – Healthyr, a leading provider of digital health and wellness solutions, announces that it will begin selling its at-home health screening tests through 

“Today Healthyr begins empowering patients to take control of their health journey from the comfort of their home. With our affordable, accessible solution, we will provide early identification, powerful insights, and actionable interventions to the American public. Together with our partners, we strive to close gaps in care and bring health equity to all the communities we serve,” says Stacey Finster, CEO of Healthyr.

Healthyr’s screening tests enable individuals to screen for a host of different biomarkers through the lens of cardiovascular health, susceptibility to prediabetes, assess their personal athletic performance, and receive a comprehensive health screening all from the comfort and convenience of their home. Each screening test measures a host of key biomarkers that play an important role in its respective category of health and wellness. 

Individuals who visit Healthyr at will also have access to an assortment of best-in-class health intervention offerings from Healthyr’s collaborations including  SesameCuverd and BlossomTM. 

Healthyr’s Prediabetes Screening test will offer complimentary access to BlossomTM –a self-guided, digital program developed by Johns Hopkins Medicine, to help people make healthy lifestyle changes and manage their diabetes. 

For Individuals that purchase a Healthyr screening test and would like to consult a health care provider online to discuss results and next steps, Healthyr has also partnered with Sesame, the company building a radically new healthcare system for uninsured and underserved Americans by directly connecting them to high quality physicians at half the price.  The Sesame marketplace features thousands of 5-star doctors covering all 50 United States.

“Healthyr and Sesame serve the same customer – someone who looks for high quality products and services at a great value,” said Michael DiLorenzo, the head of marketing at Sesame.“The Sesame marketplace connects five-star physicians across the country directly with patients.  That makes it possible for Sesame to offer half- priced health care that, combined with Healthyr, can make Healthyr customers whole.”  

In addition to a robust telehealth solution, Individuals can utilize Healthyr’s partner, Cuverd, to reduce prescription drug costs as a barrier to care by providing immediate drug therapy savings for generic, branded, and specialty drugs. With a full compendium of patient care offered for Healthyr customers, at-home patient care is now an affordable reality for the American public. “We are excited to work together with Healthyr to bring better access and affordability to rising prescription costs,” stated David Harrell, CEO of TranspareRx, the company who developed Cuverd. “Cuverd’s next generation Rx savings platform will automate saving to lower Healthyr’s customer out-of-pocket medication costs.”

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About Healthyr

Powered by a full compendium of at-home patient care, Healthyr provides individuals across America with at-home health screening tests, follow up direct to patient care telehealth visits, access to affordable prescription therapy, and digital wellness guidance. By enabling individuals to take back control of their health with lab test accuracy from the comfort of their home, Healthyr is making affordable at-home patient care a reality.

About Sesame

Sesame is building a radically new healthcare system for Americans who are uninsured or otherwise priced out of everyday care.  The Company’s marketplace replaces historically inefficient, expensive healthcare with a direct connection – either virtually or in-person – between patients and physicians.  This direct connection enables Sesame to offer doctor visits, labs, imaging and prescription drugs at half the price.  Founders include a Harvard Ph.D. in health policy and economics; a former Goldman Sachs analyst; and entertainment executive and healthcare reformer David Goldhill, author of the legendary cover story in The Atlantic, “How American Health Care Killed My Father.”  Sesame has raised $75 million so far from investors that include GV, Virgin Group and General Catalyst. The Company was ranked #1 by Healthline for overall care in 2021 and 2022.

About Blossom™

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