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Healthyr + medmo
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Imaging Appointments can be complicated. Medmo makes it easy.

At Medmo, we understand that accessing medical imaging appointments can be complicated and costly. That’s why we’ve partnered with Healthyr to offer your employees a comprehensive solution for follow-up care requiring medical imaging.

Through this partnership, your Healthyr clients can access Medmo’s services at a discounted rate with special benefits, ensuring their imaging needs are met conveniently, efficiently, and at the best price and quality.

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Why Choose Medmo for Your Employees?

Convenient and Cost-Effective Care:

Medmo helps patients schedule and access the best quality medical imaging appointments at the best price.
Our platform identifies high-quality in-network centers near your employees and schedules appointments based on their preferences. Medmo works with all insurance types or patients can opt for discounted self-pay rates.

Personalized Care Coordination:

Our users benefit from a designated care coordinator who guides them through their imaging journey from start to finish. This personalized support removes headaches and builds trust with users, ensuring a positive and seamless experience.

Fast and Comprehensive Results:

Medmo ensures all imaging results are sent back to ordering providers, leaving no room for oversight.With faster turnaround times, your employees receive timely and accurate follow-up care, contributing to better health outcomes.

Improved Access to Preventative Care:

By increasing the number of users accessing preventative care screenings through Medmo, your employees can stay healthier, resulting in lower overall costs for your business. Our platform makes medical imaging more accessible and affordable, promoting early detection and timely follow-up care.

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Let Medmo Lower Costs and Improve Outcomes for Your Organization

Our proven success in navigating patients out of expensive hospital settings and into high-quality free-standing centers drives high patient engagement and cost control. Medmo’s comprehensive imaging solution ultimately lowers costs and improves outcomes for your employees, ensuring they receive the best care without breaking the bank.

With Medmo, your employees have control over their care, making the process easy and stress-free.

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Access The Best Imaging Centers Near You

Medmo partners with thousands of imaging centers across the country and has the ability to schedule outside of their network so employers and patients can keep their preferences.

Medmo’s imaging partners are hand selected by its panel of advising physicians and accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Easy Imaging Appointments in 3 Simple Steps:


Start with a Virtual Consultation:

Your employees can begin by speaking with a virtual provider to obtain an imaging prescription if medically necessary.


Convenient Appointment Scheduling:

Medmo’s care team will work closely with your employees to coordinate a convenient appointment at a high-quality center near them.


Get Your Scan:

All they need to do is show up for their appointment, and we’ll handle the rest. With Medmo’s seamless process, they can access the imaging they need with ease.


Get Your Scan:

All they need to do is show up for their appointment, and we’ll handle the rest. With Medmo’s seamless process, they can access the imaging they need with ease.

Start screening today with Medmo

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Virtual Consultation for Preventative Care Prescription and Scheduling Concierge Services: Only $40

Join the growing list of businesses benefiting from Medmo’s smart medical imaging navigation, and transform your employee’s imaging experience.

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