Welcome to Impact Suite - Your Mental Wellness Ally

A revolutionary approach to mental well-being.

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Impact Suite is a contemporary mental wellness organization, bridging the gap between cutting-edge preventative technology and personalized, professional care.

Imagine the finesse of a “mental health Fitbit” combined with expert care.

Impact Suite’s Comprehensive Offerings

Workplace Consulting

Promote a mental wellness culture at work.

Living Specialists

Guided support for holistic living.

Risk Factor Assessments

Understand potential health concerns.

Mental Health Coaching

Navigate challenges with certified coaches.


Connect with experts in real-time.

Wellness Tracking

Monitor your emotional health journey.

Focused Digital Tools

Address specific issues like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and sexual compulsivity.

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Personal Growth App

Elevate your mental well-being even if you’re not facing challenges.

Proactive Approach

Prevent mental health challenges before they arise.

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Behavioral Insights

Track your emotional health over time, understanding triggers, and recognizing relapses early.

Deeper healing and change is possible


of consistent users report experiencing lasting change


improvement in
compulsive patterns


improvement in depression
& anxiety symptoms

*From an independent review by researchers at the University of Alberta and Utah State University in 2021.

Impact Suite meets you where you are, and supports you on a journey of healing, recovery, and self improvement.

Impact Suite takes a therapeutic lifestyle change approach to addressing mental and behavioral health – recognizing the power of small, targeted adjustments in key lifestyle categories to generate lasting healing and change.

In addition to making high-quality human services more accessible (teletherapy, coaching, 24/7 support), we have a suite of award winning digital tools designed to facilitate these small lifestyle changes.

Join us on the journey

Discover how Impact Suite complements Healthyr’s goal of ensuring all-encompassing well-being.
Together, we aim to bring about transformative behavioral and mental health solutions.