Get Healthier with Higi!

Higi is here to guide you towards better health by helping you take control of your important health numbers.  Being healthy isn’t always easy, but it can be easier with Higi by your side!

Our goal is to help you to establish your baseline and then understand and take the next steps needed to get healthier. Knowing your personal risk factors is an important step, and you might even find a Healthyr screening kit that can give you more insight!

We’re here for you from the start of your health journey, all the way through. Things like your blood pressure, weight, health conditions and lifestyle choices can tell you a lot about your health.

Higi Smart Health Station

Higi Smart Health Stations are available at grocery stores and pharmacies across the county. To find your nearest station, visit

From there, Take the first step by completing a free screening with Higi. Learn about your health risk factors by taking your blood pressure or weight or by completing a simple risk test. Next, sign up for your free account. Keep track of your numbers and next steps, get personalized health education and connect to services and offers from healthcare partners.

The more you use Higi, the better it gets. Check in regularly on a station in your neighborhood, check out our free app for the latest benefits and join one of our educational programs to learn about a health topic that matters to you!

How to Get Started with Higi


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