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Reignite Your Life and Achieve Your Potential Faster with GrowthDay, the World's #1 System for Self-Improvement

GrowthDay is your new home for personal development, with researched backed tools for journaling, habit tracking, goal setting, wellness challenges, online courses and personal growth coaching in one place. It also features Brendon Burchard and the world’s leading personal growth teachers LIVE every week.

GrowthDay Features 4 Essential Tools Everyone Needs for Self-Improvement

Tool #1 - Life Assessments and Habit Tracking
Score and Improve the Most Important Areas of Your Life Score your habits and receive custom video recommendations to improve every area of your life. GrowthDay helps you score your habits every day, week and month to dramatically increase your focus, growth and self-mastery.
Tool #2: World's Best Digital Mindset Journal
Develop Self-Awareness, Positivity, Confidence and Gratitude Over 100 research-backed writing prompts for your morning mindset, evening review, and weekly reflection. You don't have to know what to write - we load prompts for you!
Tool #3: Goal-Setting System
Keep Yourself Focused and More Productive with Ease Set your goals, break down tasks, create your checklists, and set reminders to stay on track. Finally... All of your goals, journaling, and habit-tracking in ONE SYSTEM!
Tool #4: LIVE Classes and On-Demand Coaching the World's Top Speakers!
Learn From the Best to Get Unstuck, Re-Energize Yourself, Become More Productive, and ADVANCE YOUR LIFE. These renowned speakers, life coaches, business leaders, and wellness coaches charge over $50,000 per keynote. You get them LIVE every week in GrowthDay (for Pro and All-Access members). Speakers include Brendon Burchard, Mel Robbins, Jenna Kutcher, Lori Harder, Lisa Bilyeu and more!
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Your Journey to An Extraordinary Life Starts Today

You are destined for more. You deserve more energy, mental strength, happiness, and success.

It all starts with having a “system for self-improvement that you’ll stick with! 

GrowthDay is your all-in-one system to help you stay motivated, get you building habits for increased motivation, confidence and productivity. 

Your personal growth solution, giving you the tools, LIVE weekly coaching, and daily inspiration you need to stay accountable, benchmark yourself and create a growth mindset for real behavioral change.

How to Start Your Free Trial with GrowthDay

Choose Your GrowthDay Plan

Start by selecting your GrowthDay Plan: Starter, Pro or All-Access.

Activate GrowthDay

Create your account. Follow the guided tour of the core features and take your first life assessment.

Jump In

Jump into the app and listen to the Daily Fire, start journaling, tracking and building your habits.