Healthyr Changelog – 1.1.0 Release Notes

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These are the latest release notes for the Healthyr Client Care Portal. Our easy-to-use platform, personalized recommendations, and flexible health solutions make it easy to stay on top of your health and achieve your wellness goals.


The Healthyr team is dedicated to educating and simplifying care navigation. This means breaking down complex terminology and medical jargon into an actionable, easy-to-understand format. The new Healthyr Insights takes Healthyr’s testing to another level by graphically displaying which testing biomarkers affect different organ groups within your body. Insights V1 has been accompanied by various reported bug fixes and styling enhancements outlined later in this document.

New Features

Healthyr Insights

Body Segments

Users now have the ability to view the health of different body segments, which includes different grouping of organs, to provide a high-level overview.

  • Head & Neck
    • Brain Function
    • Thyroid Function
  • Chest
    • Heart
  • Upper Abdomen
    • Liver
    • Kidneys
  • Lower Abdomen
    • Pancreas
    • Digestive Tract
  • Skeletal/Muscular System

Organ Grouping

Healthyr provided multiple testing options, and biomarker levels can indicate health in multiple organs and regions within your body. Organ Groupings allow for biomarkers in all tests to be factored into your overall health.

Health Data Visualizations

  • Average Health Score
    • Highlights the average health for the level of data that is being analyzed.
  • Current Trend
    • Compares the current health score in relation to your previous health score to identify a Positive, Negative, or Neutral Trend.
  • Time Series Tracking
    • Allows you to visualize your results over the last 12 months and identify how your efforts are affecting your body.

Customer Experience Improvements

Client Care Portal

  • Clients are now able to edit their birthdate within their profile
  • Speed enhancements for displaying testing data
  • Instructions Video updated to newest version

Lab Testing and Results

  • Cholesterol Ratio has been added to all tests taken after June 8th 2023, that contain cholesterol biomarkers
  • ABOP Ration has been added to all tests taken after June 8th 2023, that contain ABOP biomarkers

Fixed Bugs

Client Care Portal

  • User Profile Update Error
  • Mac OS & IOS kit registration
  • Kit Registration Modal Arrow
  • Testing Results email account redirect email


  • 404 Redirects from previous Healthyr website environment
  • Various URL link updates

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