Auria Breast Cancer Screening Test Instructions

Below you can find written directions on exactly how to take your Auria Breast Health Test. Additionally, we have a video that you can follow along with as well.

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Before you take your test.

Register your test.

Login to your Healthyr account and register your test using the unique ID code included in your kit.

Put your ice pack in the freezer.

Your ice pack needs to be frozen for at least 12 hours before collecting your sample, so make sure to do it the night before.

Check the calendar.

Your sample must be shipped same-day, and shipping can only take place on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday to ensure it gets to the lab in time.

Find your nearest Fedex.

Since you'll need to ship your sample via Fedex the same day you take it, it's helpful to find your nearest location.

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Preparing for your sample collection.

Wash your hands.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Get set up in front of a mirror.

It is easiest to place your test strip in front of a mirror. Bring your test strip, sample tube, and a timer with you.

Prepare your sample collection contents.

Unscrew the lid of the sample tube and place the open tube on a flat surface. Open the sample strip packaging and remove your sample strip.

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Collecting your sample.

Fold the sample strip.

Hold the sample strip with the printed side facing you and the rounded tip up. Fold the tip away from you at the first black line to create a lip.

Place the sample strip.

Gently pull down on the lower eyelid and place the folded portion of the strip on the inside of your lower eyelid. Close your eye. Start the timer.

Wait 5 minutes.

Leave the strip in place for a total of 5 minutes. Adjust the placement of the strip if needed. If the strip falls out before the 5 minutes is complete, wait 30 minutes and repeat your collect using the extra sample strip provided.

Remove the strip.

After five minutes, hold the end of the strip, open your eye and gently lift the strip our of your eyelid. Do not be concerned with the amount of fluid on the strip. 
It does not need to be wet.

Drop the strip into the sample tube.

Drop and release the sample strip into the open sample tube. Make sure the folded tip that was in your eyelid enters the tube first.

Add the sample solution.

Open the sample solution by twisting to remove the cap. Squeeze all the liquid into the sample tube.

Tighten and close the lid of the sample tube.

Tighten the lid onto the sample tube, ensuring the lid is seated properly and sealed securely.

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Shipping your sample.

Fill out the sample label.

Write your last name, first name initial, date of birth, and collection date and time on the provided sample label and apply it to side of the sample tube.

Fill out the lab form.

Add your details to the provided lab form.

Prepare your sample for shipping.

Place the sample tube in the sample bag and seal. Place the frozen ice pack, sample bag, and the lab form into the thermal mailer envelope. Do not remove the inside layer of the thermal mailer. Seal the thermal mailer by removing the adhesive strip and secure.

Drop off your envelope at your nearest Fedex location.

Remember, you must ship the same day you collect your sample. If you need help finding your nearest Fedex location, click below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s okay. Don’t remove the strip from the tube once you’ve added it.

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If your test strip falls out before the 5 minutes is complete, please wait 30 minutes and repeat the collection using the extra sample strip provided.

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No, our studies show makeup and contacts do not affect test results. However, having the sample strip in place may cause your eye to water and could cause makeup to smear.

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The sample strip is a thin piece of filter paper that is commonly used to test for dry eye. Typically, once the strip begins to get wet, the slight irritation goes away. In a survey conducted with over 400 individuals, the average reported pain score after using the sample strip was 1.4 out of 10; with 0 being no pain/discomfort and 10 being intense pain/discomfort.

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The strip will need to go into your lower eyelid. We have found the outside corner to be the most comfortable.

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We recommend you either sit or lie down during sample collection to make sure the sample strip remains in place for the full five minutes of collection time.

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The amount of moisture produced during sample collection differs from person to person. Do not be concerned with the amount of fluid you can or can’t see on the sample strip. It’s more important that the sample strip has been placed properly and stays in place for 5 minutes.

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Contact Customer Support and we will ship out the missing components.

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Please use one strip and one sample solution per collection.

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Yes, your kit does expire. Your kit will have a minimum expiration date of 6 months. The expiration date can be found on the label on the bottom of your box. Any samples that are delivered to the lab after the expiration date will not be processed, and we are unable to provide a replacement kit.

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There will be a prelabeled shipping mailer included in your Auria kit. After you collect your tear sample, place the sample tube in the sample bag, and place the sample bag, lab form and ice pack inside the thermal mailer, and seal the mailer. Do not remove internal cushion of the thermal mailer. Drop the mailer off at the shipping carrier listed on your return label.

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Once we receive your sample, you will receive an email letting you know we have it and will begin processing it. Alternatively, you can check the tracking number on the return mailer.

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Once the sample has been received by the lab, your results will be available within 10 business days. You’ll receive a notification from us when your results are available in your online account.

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Your test results will provide you with a score and classification of low, medium, or high. A medium or high classification does not mean you have breast cancer, but rather the score produced from your sample could be elevated due to a breast abnormality.

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Due to the need to get the sample back to the lab within a certain time frame to ensure sample viability, please ship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. We suggest taking your return package to a FedEx store instead of a drop box to ensure your sample is returned on time. Make sure you drop your package off before the last shipment goes out for that day.