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Healthyr + TrestleTree
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TrestleTree, in partnership with Healthyr, offers a suite of services designed to extend Healthyr's expertise in chronic condition testing. Our goal? To provide an all-encompassing solution that approaches health behavior change with a focus on the whole person.

This approach leads to enhanced clinical outcomes and reduced healthcare costs across all levels of health risks.

Our Journey Towards Health Transformation

Established in 2001, TrestleTree was founded on a powerful belief: everyone can successfully change challenging health behaviors and sustain those changes over the long term. Our success is built on a foundation that combines the science and art of behavior change, the trusted bond between participants and their Health Coaches, and a tailored approach that aligns with individual needs and evidence-based medical guidelines.

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Our innovative solutions cover a wide spectrum of health needs

Lifestyle management

Chronic condition management

Obesity Rx

Comprehensive pain management

Weight management

A Holistic Approach to Health

From managing obesity and chronic diseases to addressing chronic pain and other lifestyle factors like stress and tobacco use, TrestleTree’s model and coaching process target all behavior change interventions to meet participants’ unique needs, desires, beliefs, and readiness for change. We enhance this holistic approach with a robust infrastructure and deployment of remote monitoring devices, including scales, blood pressure cuffs, and glucometers. This enables us to deliver top-tier obesity Rx, diabetes, and hypertension programs to our clients.


of at-risk participants lowered cholesterol levels


increase in individuals exercising regularly


of participants quit tobacco within 6 months


of participants lowered
blood pressure

Proprietary Training

Our differentiators are rooted in a proprietary training and behavior change model, underpinned by over 220 hours of initial Ph.D. Psychologist-led training.

Inclusive Approach

Unlike other solutions that exclusively focus on individuals “ready to change,” TrestleTree excels at helping those who may have lost hope or are less motivated to change.

Holistic Strategy

We adopt a holistic approach that spans multiple goal areas and comorbidities, ensuring comprehensive support.

Customized Goals

Every interaction between a TrestleTree Health Coach and a participant consists of live one-on-one sessions.

Live Coaching Sessions

Every interaction between a TrestleTree Health Coach and a participant consists of live one-on-one sessions.

Proven Excellence

With over 20 years of experience, TrestleTree boasts a rich history of best-in-class clinical outcomes.

Our Mission:
Achievable Health for All

At TrestleTree, we leverage our knowledge, integrity, and influence to reduce healthcare spending. Our aim is to foster impactful, lasting change and help individuals achieve maximum health outcomes. Discover the difference TrestleTree can make in transforming the health and well-being of your employees.

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