Our solution is focused on value-based care that drives better health outcomes

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A Holistic, Integrated Solution

Heathyr simplifies and streamlines the process of closing gaps in care for both health plans and their members.

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What We Do

Improve Health Outcomes

We focus on proactively managing common chronic conditions and promoting preventive care by monitoring and assessing health indicators. Our advanced analytics enable early detection to help members lead healthier lives.

Close Gaps in Care

We optimize care delivery to ensure members receive the proper care at the right time. With our holistic approach, health plans can improve quality measure ratings, and enhance financial performance by helping members navigate their care journey seamlessly.

Increase Member Experience

Every member deserves personalized, coordinated care and ongoing support in their health journey. We enable health plans to cultivate a stronger relationship with their members by eliminating barriers to health care that improves member satisfaction ratings.

How It Works


Design chronic condition programs.


Manage and fulfill all at-home tests to members.


Keep members informed on the status of their sample.


Fast and accurate results explained in plain language.


Provide guidance, answer questions, and support members every step of the way.

Vertically integrated solutions specific to member’s needs

Easy Online Telehealth

Members have access to care when and where they need it.

Low-Cost Prescriptions

Convenient medication management and prescription delivery.

Actionable Insights

Members gain valuable insights to manage their health effectively.

Enhance member experience, close gaps in care, and improve quality measures, with Healthyr.

Get the help you need, when you need it with Healthyr's dedicated support team

We believe that providing exceptional support is just as important as delivering a great product. Our team of experts is available Monday-Friday 8 am - 11 pm EST; Saturday + Sunday 9 am - 9 pm EST to answer your questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide guidance on best practices. We are committed to your success and will work with you to ensure that you achieve your health goals.