Testing Instructions - Blood Tests

Getting Started

We recommend drinking a glass of water to hydrate before starting. It will make collecting enough blood easier.
Additionally, we provide a step-by-step video below to use along with these instructions.


Fill out the collection card with your name, today’s date, and your date of birth.
Tip: Try rinsing your hands in warm water to increase circulation. Increasing your heart rate helps, too. You can also try swinging your arm in a circular motion.

Use Lancet

Clean your middle or ring finger with the alcohol pad. Twist off the lancet cap. Firmly press the lancet into the side of the tip of your finger. When ready, push the button to puncture the skin. Extra lancets are provided if needed.

Collect Blood

Drip 4-6 large drops of blood onto each of the small squares so that red blood reaches the 1st line. Do not bleed onto the rectangular section. Finish a square before starting the next one. You can take breaks between squares if needed.


Pack for return and mail within a day

Let the collection card dry completely. Place the card into the foil bag. Place the foil bag into the prepaid mailer.

Step by step instructions on how to take the Healthyr Blood Test
image of mail instructions

The Basics

As a reminder, these are the very basics you must know. Be sure to follow the steps above and use the diagrams to the right of this page and below as a visual aid as you take your tests.

Step by step instructions on where to bleed

How to Use a Healthyr At-Home Test Kit

Follow the step-by-step video carefully and be sure to read through the instructions before starting your test.

PDF Download

If you would like to have the instructions in a PDF, click on the button below to download in both English and Spanish!


Feeling nervous? We’re here to help. Call us, and we’ll personally walk you through your test.