Collecting your sample.

Fold the sample strip.

Hold the sample strip with the printed side facing you and the rounded tip up. Fold the tip away from you at the first black line to create a lip.

Place the sample strip.

Gently pull down on the lower eyelid and place the folded portion of the strip on the inside of your lower eyelid. Close your eye. Start the timer.

Wait 5 minutes.

Leave the strip in place for a total of 5 minutes. Adjust the placement of the strip if needed. If the strip falls out before the 5 minutes is complete, wait 30 minutes and repeat your collect using the extra sample strip provided.

Remove the strip.

After five minutes, hold the end of the strip, open your eye and gently lift the strip our of your eyelid. Do not be concerned with the amount of fluid on the strip. 
It does not need to be wet.

Drop the strip into the sample tube.

Drop and release the sample strip into the open sample tube. Make sure the folded tip that was in your eyelid enters the tube first.

Add the sample solution.

Open the sample solution by twisting to remove the cap. Squeeze all the liquid into the sample tube.

Tighten and close the lid of the sample tube.

Tighten the lid onto the sample tube, ensuring the lid is seated properly and sealed securely.