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What is Blossom™?

With the purchase of a Healthyr Prediabetes Health Test, you will get complimentary access to Blossom —a self-guided program to help you manage your diabetes and overall health.

With Blossom, you can move at your own pace to:

Personalize goals based on your own needs

Focus on topics most interesting & suitable for you

Overcome Obstacles

Build and sustain new, healthy habits

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The Blossom Difference

Blossom goes beyond “the basics” to teach you important skills – like how to deal with food triggers, how to fit physical activity into any lifestyle, how to cope with a chronic illness, and more.

After completing Blossom, you’ll have the tools you need to build healthy habits, overcome setbacks, and take care of your health.

Diabetes is more than just a number on a blood glucose meter. Purchase your test kit and get started with Blossom today, so you can take charge of your health.

How to sign up for Blossom

Blossom Step 1

Step 1

Register Your Test

Register your Healthyr Prediabetes Health Test from your account page on

Blossom Step 2

Step 2

Welcome Email

Soon after registration, you will receive a welcome email for Blossom with activation details.

Blossom Step 3

Step 3

Activate Blossom

Activate your free access and complete the self-guided steps for a Healthyr you.

Blossom Step 4

Step 4

Track and Improve

Track your habits for a continued Healthyr lifestyle.

Prediabetes Healthyr Test Kit

Free with Prediabetes Health Test

Blossom is free with the purchase of a Healthyr
Prediabetes Test. You will get complimentary access to this self-guided program that will help you build skills on:

– Healthy Eating

– Physical Activity

– Coping with Stress and Hard Times

Your free offer to subscribe to Blossom will expire one hundred and eighty (180) days after the date you register your Prediabetes Test Kit from Healthyr.