Discover Auria: Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Screening

Welcome to the first at-home biological breast cancer screening test powered by tears.

Healthyr has partnered with Auria to offer a seamless solution for breast cancer screening, providing women with real-time results and personalized clinical consultations.

Early breast cancer detection is now convenient, painless, and accessible to all.

Auria is suitable for all women, including those with dense breasts or implants, providing an accessible option for all body types.

Convenience and Innovation

Our at-home screening test is designed for ease and comfort, making it a hassle-free experience for women.

Powered by Tears

Auria harnesses the power of tears, utilizing protein biomarkers to detect early signs of breast abnormalities.

Early Detection

Starting at age 30, women can take charge of their breast health with the Auria test to take a proactive approach to breast cancer screening.

All Bodies, All Breasts

Auria is suitable for all women, including those with dense breasts or implants, providing an accessible option for all body types.

The Impact of Auria on Breast Cancer Costs

By increasing breast cancer screening rates, Auria contributes to early-stage breast cancer detection, reducing cancer spend in two significant ways:

Diminished Productivity and Lost Work Time
Decreased Cancer Treatment Costs

Empower Your Workforce with Auria

Offering Auria to your employees demonstrates a commitment to women’s health and well-being. By encouraging early cancer detection, businesses can make a profound impact on saving lives and improving overall health outcomes. Increasing screening compliance can vary depending on your current rates and goals, but Auria offers a powerful tool to achieve these objectives.

Auria: A Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Screening

Powered by tears, Auria provides a new screening option for women who fall into the 50% that don’t participate in yearly screening, have dense breast tissue, or are under 40. As the first at-home biological breast cancer screening test, Auria combines innovation, convenience, and early detection, significantly reducing mortality rates.

Experience the Auria Difference

Convenient Home Test

Collect tear samples easily and non-invasively from the comfort of your home.

CLIA Certified Laboratory

Rest assured with physician-certified results from a trusted lab.

Backed by Science

Developed with years of Clinical Trials, Peer-Reviewed Publications, and prestigious Breast Radiologist and Breast Oncology Surgeons.

Clinical Consultation Included

Discuss results with a breast health specialist, receiving expert guidance based on your unique needs.

Join the Auria Movement
for Breast Health

With a remarkable 92% sensitivity rate, Auria is setting new standards in breast cancer screening. Our dedication to empowering women on their breast health journey has earned us the prestigious 2023 Gold Edison Award for Intelligent Diagnostics.

Breast Cancer Statistics
The Urgency for Early Screening

1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer, yet 50% are not participating in yearly screenings. Dense breast tissue and missed mammogram detections are concerning factors. Up to 50% of breast cancers are missed in women with dense breast tissue. Auria addresses these challenges, providing proactive solutions.

How Auria Works: Harnessing the Power of Tears

Auria analyzes protein biomarkers involved in the early inflammatory process, aiding in the detection of breast tissue abnormalities. Tears, a clean and easy fluid, offer a cost-effective way to measure small cancer markers, surpassing traditional blood-based methods.

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Join the Breast Cancer Screening Revolution

Partner with Auria and Healthyr to elevate breast cancer screening rates and make a positive impact on women’s health. Together, let’s take charge of breast health, one tear at a time.